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Natural Mosquito Patch Stickers - 60 Pack ** FREE POSTAGE

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Keep the mosquitos & midges at bay with these ripper natural patch stickers.  Repellent Insect Stickers are quick and easy to use for the whole family - Stick them anywhere - on your clothes, the pram, your hat, furniture...


  • Infused with natural citronella oil on woven fabric stickers
  • DEET Free - Non Toxic
  • 60 patch stickers -
  • Last for up to 72 hours - first 6 - 8 hours are the BEST!
  • Pet & Kid Friendly


  • 2.5cm diameter stickers
  • Colours may vary - eg: light pink, dark pink etc.
  • Most mozzies don't like citronella, please be mindful that some monsters do...


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